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CNC Rigid Bed Mill with tool changer

  #CNC-740A CNC Rigid Bed Mill, with Fagor 8055i/mc control        
  Conversational and G code programing 12 station carousel Changer   
   11” LCD color screen, solid graphics, programable spindle speed and coolant, 
    10 h.p.  8000 rpm, cat40 liquid cooled spindle, 50” x12” work table 
     30” X, 17” Y, 20” Z travel, RS232, USB, & either net port 

Additional Information

              Halogen Work Lamp
            #CA40 Tooling with tool fixture 
            Electronic Handwheel
            Fully Enclosed Splash Encloser with sliding doors 

Price: $16,500.00

Condition: Excellent (real nice machine)

Location: Cranston, RI

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