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At Rice Machinery, we are proud of the Products we offer and back these products with our Factory Trained Technicians .
ACU-RITE 3500i Control Systems
Acu-rite 3500i
Acu-rite 3500i
3500i Control System
Acu-Rite 3500i boosts efficiency, versatility, productivity for significant time-savings
Intuitive touch screen control streamlines programming task for faster set up
Imagine putting at the tip of your operator's finger...
•  A touch screen so intuitive, fast, and easy to use that it can cut programming and set-up times by 20%...40%...even 50% or more
on key tasks.
•  A platform that's two controls in one Conversational and G-Code.
•  A whole new way of programming, including built-in CAM software that allows you to create complex shapes geometry and tool path all in the same feature, as well as convert DXF files into part programs.
Designed from the ground up to streamline programming while reducing operator errors, the Acu-Rite 3500i touchscreen control saves significant time and cuts waste on each and every set-up and production run.
Ease of Use
•  Intuitive touch screen interface
•  Full alphanumeric touch keyboards
•  Machinist language canned cycles
•  3D form help graphics
•  Large high resolution display
•  Touch screen based navigation and data entry
•  Remote Diagnostics
•  On screen multifunction calculator
•  Coarse tool support
•  Real time draw
•  Conversational and G-code programming in one control
•  Interactive part preview (e.g., Touch a line in the part preview and the coinciding block is highlighted (gouge identification)
•  Solid state flash memory storage
•  1 Gig of RAM
•  1 GHz Intel CPU
•  Windows® compatible off-line system
•  Easy to learn
•  Intuitive navigation and programming
•  2 USB ports
Milling jobs are now as simple as...touch...and GO!
The Acu-Rite 3500i features a flexible touch screen layout that's driven by software designed from the ground up to give operators a versatile array of options. Graphical, one-touch function keys both simplify and accelerate programming and set-up tasks.
The 3500i is two controls in one, Conversational and G-Code. Conversational is programmed in plain machinist language and uses a powerful set of canned cycles to aid in quick and easy to understand programming. G-Code is entered using the on-screen full keyboard or the G-Code help editor. Importing programs is fast and easy via networking and USB.
New Interface
•  Intuitive touch screen interface •  Text and graphical program preview in Program
•  Custom PLC touch screen buttons eliminate the need for a manual panel
•  Active MDI fields
•  XGA Display (Extended Graphics Array 1024x768 resolution)
•  Text and graphical program preview in Program Manager
•  Program preview in editor
•  Full support for conversational and g-code programming
Acu-rite 3500i
Easy to Learn, Intuitive to Operate
At the heart of the Acu-Rite 3500i's versatility is its touch screen interface and the innovative software driving the interface. Menus and function keys are integrated into the borders of the high resolution, 12.1" XGA screen. Floating numeric keypads are easily dragged to the operator's preferred position.
Innovation Coarse Tool Support
When a coarse tool is defined, the control knows what that tool can cut, removes that material first and leaves the remaining material for the fine tool. (In the image above, the PURPLE shows the coarse tool path and the GREEN indicates the fine tool path.)
Tool Life Management Support
The 3500i gives the operator control of tool life; a run time for each tool can be specified, and once the run time has been reached, the control will call the specified replacement tool. All this is controlled by the tool page.
Acu-Rite 3500i Control Kits for Retrofit Systems...
Acu-rite 3500i
Acu-Rite 3500i Retrofi t Kits are available for both new and older models of the most common knee mills and bed mills.
The Acu-Rite 3500i is ideal for retrofitting existing milling machines, elevating accuracy and expanding the types and complexity of jobs they can run. Kits for 3-axis and 4-axis systems are in-stock for most brands of knee mills and bed mills.
Typical kits consist of servo motors, drive assemblies and the ball screw, plus the 3500i touch screen control. Quill drive assemblies are also available.
Complete retrofit packages as well as control-only kits, with standard analog drive interface are available.
Boost the productivity, accuracy and capabilities of your existing mills with the easy-to-learn, touch screen efficiency of the Acu-Rite 3500i.  
...plus Kits for New Machines  
Elevate performance with next-generation touch screen technology  
Acu-rite 3500i
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